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Adam Hodge

Adam Hodge

VP of Marketing - When he’s not paddling a canoe or drinking copious amounts of coffee, you’ll find Adam talking about some kind of travel plans. He spent a month doing Tai-Chi in China, horse-camped in Mongolia, rode 3rd class trains all over India, tour-guided in Europe, worked in Namibia and surfed in Costa Rica – the travel bug bit this Canadian repeatedly. Food is one highlight of any destination for him, and he’s admitted on a few times to be willing to try just about any food once, and apparently “putrefied shark wasn't that bad”.
Himeji Castle with beautiful cherry blossom in spring season, Kyoto, Japan

Experience the Sights and Seasons of Japan

Bleary eyed from my red-eye flight and a little crinkled from travel, I robotically entered my hotel elevator, turned to face the closing doors, and spotted the impeccably-polite front desk manager and his bellhop seven metres behind him bow low…

Kerala houseboat, India

River Cruising in Asia

Travelling to Asia is an eclectic mash-up of colours, cultures, and cuisines. Teeming crowds, gaps in infrastructure, and other petty annoyances don’t have to deter you from Asian travel. River cruises are quickly becoming the most popular vacation choice in…

Doi Suthep Temple Pagoda at Twilight, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wonders of Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand, bordering Myanmar and Laos, is an area characterized by dense forests and misty mountainous terrain, called home by Westerners and ancient hill tribes. Home of the alluring capital city of Chiang Mai, travellers can explore bustling street markets,…

Busy Market in Singapore

Get to Know Singapore Neighbourhoods

Singapore is a city of contrasts, where fairy-tale temples stand beside skyscrapers and cityscapes blend into community gardens. This colourful city is filled with an enchanting mix of neighbourhoods – each offering its own particular charm. On your Singapore vacation,…

Guilin and Li River Landscape, China

5 Rarely Seen Spots in China

China’s major cities are teeming with iconic sights and sounds, but beyond the major travel sites are incredible mountain landscapes, fascinating ethnic groups, and gorgeous wildlife. On your China vacation, explore the majestic Gobi Desert, search for Asian elephants in…

Ancient Pavilion Silhouette at Sunset on the West Lake in Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou – China’s Hidden Gem

Located just over two hours away by high-speed train from Shanghai, the exquisite city of Hangzhou is one of China’s most illustrious places. It is famous for its magnificent West Lake, which is surrounded on three sides by hilly peaks.…

Halong Bay, Vietnam

The Best Ways to Explore Halong Bay in Vietnam

An awe-inspiring collection of looming limestone karsts and picturesque isles rises from the emerald sea in northeast Vietnam. Often called the Eighth Wonder of the World, Vietnam’s spectacular Halong Bay is home to 1600 islands that are dotted with gorgeous…

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