Phillip Island Penguin Parade Underground Viewing Exterior, Victoria, Australia

Australia’s Phillip Island Offers Two Exciting New Ways to See the Penguins

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One of the most popular attractions for travellers visiting Melbourne, is a visit to the Phillip Island Penguin Parade. Since the 1920s, tourists have been visiting this nightly phenomenon, where they see hundreds of little penguins return home to Phillip Island at sunset each evening. They emerge from the sea and waddle up the beach to their burrows and nests.

It’s just over an hour drive south from Melbourne to Phillip Island. Most international visitors enjoy a day excursion, an overnight stay, or visit Phillip Island as part of their Victoria self-drive itinerary.

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city of Melbourne, Australia
The city of Melbourne

More than one million people per year visit Phillip Island Nature Parks, so the Penguin Parade can get very busy! In addition to the General Viewing area that holds over 3400 people, guests can now upgrade their penguin viewing to the brand new Penguins Plus.

Penguins Plus is a brand new 300-seat platform, which mirrors the coves of Phillip Island’s spectacular southern coastline, and is set low in the landscape to provide unique viewing opportunities.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade Penguins Plus Viewing, Victoria, Australia
Penguins Plus viewing area

Another option, which is part of Penguins Plus, is the brand new Underground Viewing area that will allow up to 70 visitors to come face to face with the penguins in a natural setting, with the entire structure designed to meld into the natural elements of the surrounding landscape.

The 25-metre viewing window looks out at ground level onto the most popular penguin pathway, while the 90-metre boardwalk design provides minimum footprint and maximum environmental benefit.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade Underground Viewing Interior, Victoria, Australia
Underground Viewing interior

Enjoy an upgrade with these new Phillip Island features, and enjoy this amazing wildlife experience!

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