Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Food

Food! It can  really become the focal point of any trip – good or bad. Kelley Ferro worked with us to create a short video exposing the incredible diversity of food in one of the most remote places on earth, the Northern Territory, Australia. From the ‘cheap and chearful’ Aussie items like damper bread, lamb shank stew over a fire, or barbies‘ a’plenty, to a local favourite Thai-Indian restaurant in Alice Springs, the food here is a varied and interesting as the landscape and people.

Checkout the other video’s in Kelley’s series she produced in conjunction with us, Northern Territory tourism, AFAR Magazine and USTOA.

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Adam Hodge
Adam Hodge

VP of Marketing - When he’s not paddling a canoe or drinking copious amounts of coffee, you’ll find Adam talking about some kind of travel plans. He spent a month doing Tai-Chi in China, horse-camped in Mongolia, rode 3rd class trains all over India, tour-guided in Europe, worked in Namibia and surfed in Costa Rica – the travel bug bit this Canadian repeatedly. Food is one highlight of any destination for him, and he’s admitted on a few times to be willing to try just about any food once, and apparently “putrefied shark wasn't that bad”.

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