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6 Must-See Street Markets in Hong Kong and Taiwan to Explore on Your Asia Vacation

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Hong Kong and Taipei markets are an absolute must on any visit to these iconic Asian cities. Street markets remain an everyday part of life in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and locals still use them to buy everything from fresh produce to t-shirts and electronics. Whether it’s your first time to Asia or you’re a well-travelled pro, there’s always something new to see at the markets of Taipei and Hong Kong. At these famous markets, you’ll get more than just a shopping trip. Rather, you’ll have an immersive cultural experience that you‘ll remember for a lifetime. Get your fashion and food fixes at a bargain, visiting these top markets in Hong Kong and Taiwan while on your Asia vacation:

Hong Kong

Stanley Market
This tourist-friendly market is set in a quaint seaside location on the south side of Hong Kong Island. Away from the city, it offers a whole different feel and perspective on Hong Kong. This is a good place to shop for clothing, sandals, shoes, Chinese calligraphy, and other souvenirs. Even though it’s slightly touristy, it is colourful, and the shopkeepers are good-natured (not overly aggressive). After browsing the market, enjoy a meal at one of the fresh and inexpensive restaurants and cafes along the sea. You’ll also get postcard-perfect views of traditional fishing boats sailing in the South China Sea.

Cat Street Market
Antique dealers, curio merchants, and art galleries line Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Road in the Sheung Wan neighborhood. Exotic souvenirs, vintage Communist propaganda, antiques, jade, silk products, embroideries, and wooden handicraft items are all on sale here. Cat Street has souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else, and the famous market is a fun place to haggle and go bargain hunting for some trinkets to take home.

Temple Street Night Market
This night market in central Kowloon is a photographer’s favourite. Here you can see opera singers busking on the street, fortune tellers delivering their predictions, gamblers betting on Chinese chess, and much more. The food stalls here serve up some of Hong Kong’s best street food, including claypot rice, seafood, and noodles. This market is very atmospheric and good for photographers. This is also a good place to shop for trinkets, tea wares, electronics, watches, menswear, jade, and antiques.

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Nathan Road in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Kowloon’s busy Nathan Road

Taipei, Taiwan

Huaxi Street Night Market
Ever tried snake soup? If you’re brave enough to give it a taste, this is the place to do it! Just west of Longshan Temple in Taiwan’s capital city, is the most well known international tourist night market. The market has information signs in English, making it easier to navigate. This is a great place to shop for books, trinkets, and antiques, and to taste some exotic flavours. Snake meat soup is the famous “must-try” food item. You can also try oyster omelets, meat soups, sesame oil chicken, steamed rice cakes, Taiwanese meatballs, sautéed escargot, noodle soup with eel, and potsticker soup. Before you leave, try a traditional Chinese massage and feel your worries melt away. Take a three hour guided culinary tour to unlock the secrets of this legendary night market!

Raohe Street Night Market
During their leisure time, Taiwanese people enjoy spending their time at night markets. Raohe Street Night Market is one of Taiwan’s oldest night markets, with photogenic shops and stalls, along with a huge variety of foods, snacks, carnival games, and prizes. Shop for deeply discounted fashion at the nearby clothing shopping outlet in Wufenpu.

Taipei’s Shida Night Market
This maze-like market of small alleys is popular with students and it is set in one of the most trendy neighbourhoods in Taipei. The market has stylish boutiques, of which many are owned and operated by young entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves. The night market is bursting with tantalizing tastes. Try local specialties such as freshly squeezed lemonade, “dorayaki” (Japanese pancakes), “tampura” (fish meat paste mixed with starch, usually served with a thick peanut sauce), “mantou” steamed buns, frozen yogurt, and bubble tea. This market is also good for buying books, housewares, dishes, writing supplies, and more. Plus, the area is also home to several rock bars, cafés, and restaurants, so why not make a night of it all?

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Taipei Evening Skyline, Taiwan
Taipei’s evening skyline

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Taiwan Logo 2014

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