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5 Lessons on Wellness from a Thai Vacation

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It’s no secret that Thailand is famous for wellness. It’s a nation that has pioneered affordable spa treatments, rejuvenating health techniques, and the pristine resort experience. But there’s so much more that makes Thailand an incredible destination for wellness than just the spa experience.

Thailand is a country where people incorporate wellness into their daily lives. Its people understand that there are many pillars of wellness that contribute to the overall balance of mind, body, and spirit. So what are these pillars? Let’s find out and learn the lessons of Thai wellness that you’ll discover on a Thai vacation.

The best way to learn is to do. Go to Thailand and experience its wonders for yourself. A few days doing these activities will help you understand the secrets of Thai wellness better than reading an article ever will. If you want to learn about all the ways you can visit Thailand, check out our website and our variety of Thailand vacation packages.

But if you want to know why Thailand is famous for wellness and longevity before you start planning a trip to Thailand, you’ve come to the right place. The following are five lessons on wellness from a Thai vacation.

What are five lessons on wellness that you can learn on a Thai vacation?

1. Eat Healthy

It shouldn’t be a secret that to be healthy, you should eat healthy. In Thailand, healthy food is in abundance. Whether you stop at one of the countless street food stalls in Bangkok or enjoy a five-course Michelin-starred restaurant meal, you’ll notice your food is filled with fresh ingredients, colourful produce, and seafood. As well, Thais don’t rush their eating. They make the meal something to be savoured and enjoyed with friends. Most dishes utilize a variety of herbs and spices, which are chock full of vitamins, antioxidant properties, and medicinal values. Thai food tastes great, but it’s one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. So it’s no wonder that Thailand has some of the world’s highest number of centenarians based on population, according to the World Health Organization.

2. Meditate

You don’t have to be a spiritual person to understand the importance of spiritual living. In Thailand, Buddhism is central to everyday life and synonymous with tranquility and peace of mind. Central to Buddhism is the practice of meditation, which helps to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and promote overall wellness. There are over 300,000 Buddhist monks living in Thailand and their iconic yellow-and-orange robes are a sight most places you go. Many Thais start their day by giving offerings to monks and by following their lead with meditation. Less than 10 minutes of meditation per day can lead to untold benefits.

 3. Be Happy

This is a no brainer, right? Almost too obvious to mention. Nope, it’s worth repeating. A healthy life is a happy life. Thailand is known as The Land of Smiles. Thais are famous for their big, welcoming smiles and polite friendliness in all aspects of life. Thai people also understand that a smile often says more than words ever can. They also comprehend that smiling is good for you, as not only does it make you happier, but it’s been proven to increase your quality of life and help you live longer. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, your brain is hardwired to associate smiling with happiness, so often a smile is the first step to feeling better all around.

4. Take Care of Your Body

You don’t think we’d go without mentioning spa treatments and physical activity, would you? Exercise, rest, and recovery are key to a healthy, happy life. In Thailand, this takes the form of daily exercises such as Muay Thai, routine periods of rest and relaxation, and the incorporation of massages and other recovery treatments into everyday life. With regards to this final point, massages are a way of life in Thailand. The traditional Thai massage is even listed as an “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO. Thai massages energize the mind and body, stimulate circulation, relieve aches and pains, and reduce stress and anxiety. Along with regular exercise and plenty of rest, they’re a key ingredient of wellness.

5. Spend Time in Nature

Engaging with the natural world is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. In Thailand, nature is held in high regard and animals and natural environments are protected, both in cities and in the countryside, in order to allow people access to nature as a part of their daily lives. Almost a third of Thailand is covered by forest and there are 147 national parks across the nation. It’s important to get in touch with nature to reduce stress and gain perspective on the important things in life. In Thailand, that can mean relaxing at the sandy beaches, hiking alongside freshwater lakes or through tranquil valleys, or spotting wildlife in the national parks. Many resorts in Thailand offer “forest bathing,” which is a variation of Japanese practice and is simply spending time in the majesty of forested areas. Take a bath in nature. You’ll feel better!

How can you experience wellness on a trip to Thailand?

There are a variety of ways to experience wellness on a trip to Thailand. You can rely on a Goway Destination Specialist or your trusted travel advisor to put together a customized retreat to resorts and wellness centres across Thailand, or you can rely on a variety of popular wellness vacations we’ve already put together, such as Thailand Wellness & Luxury Spa, Luxury Bangkok & Hua Hin Wellness Retreat, Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai Explorer, or the classic Bangkok Wellness tour.

Visit our website for a full list of all vacation packages to Thailand, including wellness trips and resort escapes.

There’s no better place to learn about and experience wellness than Thailand. And once you learn those lessons, incorporate them into your everyday life. Travel is not only leisure but also a means of promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

This article is sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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