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5 Great Reasons to visit Madagascar in 2014 – It stands apart from Africa

The DreamWorks movie of the same name has made Madagascar a household name but it is certainly not a popular tourist destination for the typical traveler, making it an ideal destination for the discerning Globetrotter looking for more than just another notch on their travel belt. Madagascar lies off the southeast coast of Africa, its capital is Antanarivo (say that fast 3 times) and is simply referred to as “Tana” by the locals.

Easily accessed from Johannesburg it can also be reached via Paris, Nairobi and Mauritius making it a good option as a side trip to a bigger itinerary or a stand-alone destination. Madagascar is the world’s 4th largest island and most known for being home to 10 different types of Lemurs (including the famous dancing lemur) as well as over 150 different types of chameleons and a wide variety of birds, orchids and sea life on a coral reef off the southwest coast, and is also famous for its massive baobab trees. You can explore your adventurous side on a kayak and camping trip, indulge in tented luxury or enjoy a lodge experience.

Here we share 5 great reasons to visit Madagascar in 2014.
Wildlife: The country’s largest attraction is its unique collection of animals and plants, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. From eco-safaris to luxury getaways, this island is the perfect setting for a remarkable adventure and a relaxing break. It’s no wonder it’s known as the ‘Galapagos’ of Africa.

Adventure Getaway: The Island offers all adventure enthusiasts an opportunity to take part in activities like surfing, diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, fishing, bird-watching, yachting, kayaking and even seasonal whale watching.

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Cultural Experience: A visit to Madagascar will leave tourists with a mixture of awe and wonder upon spending time with the Malagasy people. This Island has a unique and rich cultural heritage, with fascinating and unusual tribes.

A Ring-tailed Lemur and her babies
A Ring-tailed Lemur and her babies

Lemurs: Definitely a major attraction to the island are these unique and amazingly agile animals.

Great Value: There is a range of tour options depending on the client’s budget. Features may differ between tours, but the quality of service remains the same. See below for some travel ideas.
1000 Views of Madagascar
Madagascar Barefoot Kayak Adventure
Barefoot Luxury Southern Explorer

The Baobab Trees in Morondava
The Baobab Trees in Morondava
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