Travel the World Through Goway’s Globetrotting Playlist

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Travel the World Through Goway’s Globetrotting Playlist

Every traveller has certain songs that remind them of certain places. They could be international classics that evoke specific destinations or pop tunes that get you in the mood for travel. Whatever the case, certain songs bring travel to mind, and we could all use the distraction right now.

At Goway, we decided to put together a collective globetrotting playlist, which draws on songs that we’ve discovered while travelling or which make us dream about faraway places. Some of the songs are simply tunes about getting away, while others are inexplicably linked to a destination, sometimes even being the unofficial anthem for a country. We’ve curated the list so it moves from continent to continent, taking you across the world through song. It starts in Latin America, shifts to Africa, heads up through Europe into Asia and finally down to Australia and the South Pacific.

You can find Goway’s Globetrotting Playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

If you have your own favourite travel songs, please share them in the comments. We’d love to hear what songs make you think of places across the world and what you listen to when you travel.