Hilarious Welsh Anti-Tourism Campaign Urges Travellers to Stay Home

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Hilarious Welsh Anti-Tourism Campaign Urges Travellers to Stay Home

Welsh locals have launched a new tourism campaign inviting you to… stay away from Wales! And they’re doing it in the quirkiest, funniest, and frankly, most Welsh way possible.

The country that gave us Harry Secombe, a rebooted Doctor Who, and the ultimate pronunciation challenge for linguists worldwide is taking responsible physical distancing one step further. A new home-made, old-school tourism poster invites visitors to “See Wales… On the Internet.” Another promotes Pembrookshire as a destination “Not for You,” while other slogans range from the mild “North Wales: Better Not” to the more severe “Wales: Don’t Even Think About It.”

Besides providing locals and internet surfers with a much-needed laugh, the #DontVisitWalesChallenge campaign does have a serious side. Despite widespread lockdowns in the United Kingdom, day trippers are still crossing the border into England’s usually inviting western neighbour. Now, with witty slogans set against iconic Welsh landmarks, locals are hoping those defying the lockdown will take the hint and stay away – at least until the COVID-19 crisis has passed.

As the #DontVisitWalesChallenge has taken off, some saucier, less family friendly, but no less entertaining posters have joined the cause. Others have poked affectionate fun at Wales’ supposedly underwhelming mountaineering (“It’s not Everest. Your nan could manage it.”), the Welsh language (“Cwm Back Later,”) and even some icons of British literature (“Five Stay Home”).

Of course, there’s no quarantining a good meme! The #DontVisitWalesChallenge has since spread to other popular destinations and cities, including London, re-christened “London’t.”

A serious message in a playful package, we won’t be surprised if the #DontVisitWalesChallenge pops up to repel would-be travellers from more destinations soon.

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