Man standing at Grand Canyon track in the Blue Mountains, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Find Adventure on Australia Travel

Few countries accommodate adventure as much as Australia. And not just one kind of adventure, but seemingly every kind. You can dive beneath the waves and explore the underwater world off the coast, or race across sand dunes aboard a dune buggy. You can hike through vast desert landscapes or zip-line through the tall trees […]

Young Asian woman solo traveller holding passport and waiting for flight travel at airport terminal

6 Good Reasons to Consider Solo Travel

Ah! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Today, I thought about sharing some of our favourite Goway destinations for a romantic getaway, where you can take your soulmate and make Globetrotting memories to last a lifetime. And then I thought, “No,” because we did that last month, and why should couples have all the fun? Instead, today’s […]

Cup of Turkish Salep, Turkey cropped

DRINK RECIPE: Turkish Salep

Good news for those who don’t like winter… we’ve made it through the halfway point! Weather wise, it’s been a tough season so far for most of North America. While some take advantage of the winter activities on offer, others desperately upload gorgeous beach images as their desktop wallpaper to help get themselves through it […]

Top view of Naxos Island, Greece

Beyond Santorini: Underrated Getaways on a Greece Vacation

For thousands of years, Greece has attracted people with its ancient history, golden beaches, deep-blue waters, volcanic landscapes, and endless opportunity for sunny idylls. It’s impossible not to be taken with the historical masterworks of Athens, the beautiful white-washed homes of Santorini, or the famous party beaches of Mykonos, which promise endless fun in as […]