Explore China’s Legendary Waterway on a Yangtze River Cruise

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The Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer Exterior, Yangtze River, China

There are few natural wonders like China’s Yangtze River, and no better way to experience a Yangtze River cruise than from on board the Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer, by Sanctuary Retreats.

Sanctuary Retreats’ river cruise ships explore some of the world’s most amazing cultural and ecological sites along epic rivers including the Nile in Egypt, the Ayeyarwady in Myanmar, and the Yangtze in China. Each boat has a limited number of travellers to create an intimate and personal cruise experience. Secluded docks as well as carefully-designed itineraries in each location offer the ultimate cruise experiences.

Home to history-steeped cities and towns, ancient Taoist temples, and the natural beauty of scenic gorges and forest-cloaked peaks, the Yangtze River is a highlight of any China trip. The Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer is the most luxurious ship on the Yangtze River, with each of the 62 expansive cabins and suites featuring a private balcony. The boutique vessel has been extensively restyled in a contemporary design with Chinese influences, including authentic Chinese artwork and stylish textiles.

Sanctuary Retreats Yangzi Explorer, suite, Yangtze River, China
Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer suite
Sanctuary Retreats Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer's dumpling making class, Yangtze River, China
Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer’s dumpling making class

With the highest staff-to-passenger ratio on a Yangtze River cruise, service is exemplary and very personalized. Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer offers a choice of either a three-night cruise from Chongqing to Yichang or a four-night cruise from Yichang to Chongqing, bringing guests as close as possible to central China’s most captivating landscapes. On board, guests can enjoy an immersive and cultural experience, including calligraphy masterclasses, captivating talks about Chinese history, the all-important tea ceremony, and dumpling-making classes. Guests can also unwind and supercharge their well-being with Tai Chi masterclasses, Chinese medicine, spa treatments, and use of the fitness centre.

Sanctuary Retreats Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer's onboard pampering at the spa, Yangtze River, China
Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer’s onboard pampering at the spa
South Bank of Chongqing, China
South bank of Chongqing

Goway offers all of Sanctuary Retreats’ exquisite cruise journeys on the Yangtze.

Suggested Itineraries:
5-Day Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer Cruise: Upstream from Yichang to Chongqing
4-Day Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer Cruise: Downstream from Chongqing to Yichang

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