Tangyuan Balls in Chinese Lantern Festival Setting, China

RECIPE: Red Bean Tangyuan (Rice Balls)

Tangyuan, or tang yuan, is a dessert traditionally enjoyed in China during the Chinese Lantern Festival, which occurs 15 days after the new Lunar New Year, ending Chinese New Year celebrations. Although not a public holiday, people get together in the evening to enjoy Chinese lantern lightings, lantern riddles, dragon dancing, and of course, eating […]

Beautiful Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

Indulge in a Luxury Wellness Experience in Thailand

The country of Thailand remains one of Asia‘s most gratifying and indulgent vacation destinations. This Buddhist “Land of Smiles” has it all, from exotic culture, tantalizing fresh cuisine, colourful history and culture, to spectacular scenery, royal palaces, pristine beaches, jungles, and exotic wildlife. Imagine gazing out over the turquoise seas from your private infinity pool, […]

Jesters During Carnival in Venice, Italy

Preparing For Your Italy Vacation

As you start to plan your holiday for this summer, don’t overlook the most famous destinations the world has to offer. My sister, who has always travelled off the beaten path, has seen some countries numerous times, and on one of her visits, finally explored some of its notable highlights. She was not disappointed and […]

Colourfully Saddled Camel Waits for its Owner in Front of the Pyramids with a Beautiful Sky of Giza in Cairo, Egypt

The World’s Iconic Sites Featured on Goway’s Holidays of a Lifetime (Part 1)

No vacation would be complete without offering the magnificent wonders of our fabulous world. There are so many places that we have dreamed of visiting simply because of how man and/or nature have stimulated and excited our imagination. On Goway’s Holidays of a Lifetime group tours, visiting many of these will become a reality. There […]

Great Wall of China, Beijing, China

The World’s Iconic Sites Featured on Goway’s Holidays of a Lifetime (Part 2)

Previous: The World’s Iconic Sites Featured on Goway’s Holidays of a Lifetime (Part 1) Asia Considering the length of China’s existence, there is no doubt time has left its legacy here with many exceptional iconic sites. On Goway’s Splendours of China group tour, Beijing offers three major attractions. Let’s start with Tiananmen Square in the […]