Indian Pakoras

RECIPE: Pakoras (Indian Fritters)

Every autumn, India becomes a little bit brighter with the celebration of Diwali – a Hindu festival of lights. You will find millions of diyas (oil lamps) lit around doorsteps, windows, and temples. The light symbolizes all that is good over all that is evil. It’s a typical 5-day period of preparation, leading up to […]

Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland Tours: A Symphony of the Elements

Iceland, the magical island floating in the North Atlantic near the Arctic circle, contains such astonishing natural phenomena, that curious travellers from North America, Europe, and beyond have been flocking there in recent years in unprecedented numbers. One of the most unique landscapes on earth, Iceland tours offer unparalleled adventure opportunities. This is Europe’s final […]

A Glimpse into the Cape to Cairo Journey of a Lifetime Africa Vacation: Ethiopia

Goway’s 32-Day Cape to Cairo… Ultimate Journey of Lifetime is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This extensive and luxury Africa vacation spans eight countries on the continent, one of which is the ancient land of Ethiopia. The oldest country on the African continent, Ethiopia still displays culture, traditions, and history that date back over 3000 years – […]