The Delicious Flavours of Israel

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Baked Sweets at Mahane Yehuda, Famous Market in Jerusalem, Israel

I have just returned from an 8-day trip to Israel, in association with the Israeli Tourist Board, and was naturally overwhelmed by how much this small country has to offer in terms of history, culture, attractions, nightlife, and scenery.   That said, and because an Israel vacation has been on my bucket list for a long time, I wasn’t totally surprised by it all. I was, however, surprised by the unique and delicious cuisine, and as a result, returned a few pounds heavier!

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The diverse population is really what makes Israel’s cuisine unique. The variety of restaurants, hospitality styles, and the incredible tastes and aromas are all part of the overall richness that make an Israel vacation so special.

Traditional Israeli Breakfast, Israel
Traditional Israeli breakfast

“EatWith” – it’s not what you eat, it’s who you eat with, which makes for a fun concept, allowing visitors to meet locals and dine with them inside their homes. I had the opportunity to experience this whilst in Tel Aviv. It was hosted by Chef Moshe and his wife, Maayan. The menu was entitled, “The Secret Flavours of Persia” and included dishes such as a black lentil salad with herbs and a cherry tomato sauce, whole cauliflower baked with tahini and chives, and Gondii (traditional rice and meat dish) in a pomegranate sauce. Dessert was a semolina cake with spiced syrup, coconut sorbet, and a tahini and date honey – all a complete taste sensation!

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EatWith Dining Experience, Tel Aviv, Israel
Enjoying an EatWith dining experience

Market Delicacies
In Jerusalem, I visited the colourful food and vegetable market, Mahane Yehuda. I was escorted by a local guide to sample a lunch tasting from various stalls. We visited 6 different stalls, and got to sample delicacies in each,  including halva, a savoury pastry stuffed with spinach and cheese, a healthy juice, spices and dried fruit, and rugelach – a decadent chocolate pastry which was so delicious, I brought an entire boxful back with me!

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Various Halva Sold in Market, Israel
Various halva sold in the market

Goway can arrange any of these culinary experiences for you, as well as a Shabbat evening with a host family, a Bedouin feast in the desert, and a number of different cooking workshops throughout the country.

Thandi in the Spice Market, Israel
Thandi in the spice market