R62 road, near Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa

Do a Self-Drive in South Africa

Many people are surprised to learn that South Africa is safe, trouble-free, and exciting to explore by car. Yes, it’s all true! The country is celebrated for its gorgeous scenic routes that can be safely explored by car or RV. Feast your eyes on South Africa’s stunning natural scenery as you explore African villages and […]

Honeymoon Couple Near the Balinese Temple at Beratan Lake, Bali

Top 10 Must-Dos in Bali

Exotic, spiritual, tropical and awe-inspiring. This is Bali, the lush Island of the gods that captures your soul and leaves you breathless. This magical pocket of Indonesia boasts breathtaking beaches, amazing surf, and stylish resorts, but it is so much more than a fun-in-the-sun retreat. With its ancient temples and palaces, perpetually smiling people, exquisite […]

Aerial view of the coast of Papua New Guinea

Explore Papua New Guinea on Our Holiday of a Lifetime

Papua New Guinea may be the last untouched frontier for wanderers seeking the greatest off-the-beaten-path travel adventure. Situated in the South Pacific, and amid the lush and varied landscape, you’ll discover friendly villages nestled on the banks of meandering rivers, punctuated by rows of imposing peaks and roiling volcanoes. Pristine beaches, azure waters ideal for diving, […]

Colourful Moroccan Tagines

Enjoy the Best of Moroccan Cuisine

There are few more mouthwatering tastes in the world more exotic than those found in Morocco. The North African country’s fragrant spiced dishes and fresh intriguing flavour combinations have earned accolades from five-star food critics across the globe. The mythical land of Morocco is a mind-expanding travel destination in its own right, and its rich […]

Discover Samoa

Explore the charms of a bygone era and watch deliriously beautiful island scapes shimmer in the sunshine in Samoa. This pristine South Pacific country that was once home to writer, Robert Louis Stevenson, is authentic and free of big chain resorts, making it an idyllic destination for a relaxed island experience in the South Seas. […]

Ingredients for spicy Thai soup Tom Yam, Thailand

Culinary Delights of IndoChina

Eating is half the fun of travelling. Food is one of the defining aspects of every culture, and when you taste local flavours, you enrich your perspective and bond with residents of the places you’re visiting. Indochina has some dishes to tantalize your palate. Many dishes in the region feature a rice or noodle base, […]