Thandi’s Baby is South Africa’s Miracle

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Thandi’s Baby is South Africa’s Miracle

A rhino-shaped bundle of joy is inspiring hope at South Africa’s Kariega Game Reserve, and wildlife filmmaker Adrian Steirn is sharing it with the world. While Steirn’s footage has only been on Youtube since this past January, its story goes back to 2012.

Sadly, it starts with tragedy. In March of that year, poachers brutally hacked the horns of three rhinos. Miraculously, two of the animals, soon named Themba and Thandi, survived the attack. With the help of park rangers, both rhinos put up a fight against their shocking injuries. Themba’s struggle ended after 24 days. His loss devastated Reserve staff and conservationists, and sent the world a chilling reminder of the danger still facing Africa’s rhinos.

South Africa's Kariega Private Game Reserive
South Africa’s Kariega Private Game Reserve

Thandi however, has thrived, returning to the wild since her recovery. Her success is made all the more miraculous by the arrival of a healthy female calf on January 13th of this year. Reserve rangers and vets who assisted Thandi are calling it an amazing birth that should never have happened, and is possibly even the most important rhino in the world right now.

“Thandi has been a catalyst for action,” says Investec Rhino Lifeline’s Dr. William Fowlds, “I think that the importance of this baby is that it will be a catalyst for hope.”

Goway is proud to play its part in helping to protect and preserve these amazing creatures in the wild. For each booking at a South Africa lodge, from Goway’s Africa brochure, the company donates $20 towards ‘Saving the Rhino’.

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