Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

Three Nights in Hong Kong

As a cosmopolitan, world class city, Hong Kong truly makes its own statement in the global community. Having been under the colonial influence of the British for more than a century, the city-state offers a wonderful blend of Western traditions with an Eastern mentality. Hong Kong features plenty of skyscrapers and, next to China, is considered […]

Young Woman Hiking in New Zealand

Hiking in New Zealand

With cascading waterfalls, emerald-green forests, and miles of untouched black-and-white sand beaches, New Zealand is a picturesque, majestic, and awe-inspiring destination. For the adventurous, active traveller, exploring New Zealand by foot is, by far, the most rewarding way to fully experience the country’s jaw-dropping, natural beauty. New Zealand offers a variety of unspoiled trails, and […]

Shongololo: A Life Changing Experience

(Originally published in our Globetrotting Magazine – Spring/Summer 2013) Hamilton Wende, freelance writer and television producer, recounts his experiences on Africa’s Shongololo Express train journey. A loud, drawn-out hoot from the locomotive echoed through the African dusk. The train came screeching slowly to a halt. I shoved my head out of the window in time […]

Beijing China at the Imperial City north gate

The Must-See Sights of Bustling Beijing

When you think of mainland China, one of two cities probably comes to mind – Beijing and Shanghai. While Shanghai is China’s most modern, bustling business town with incredible architecture, Beijing remains the top city for travellers who come here for more than the Peking duck. Beijing is the historical centre and capital of both ancient and […]

Trans Siberian Railroad Tsar's Gold train, Russia

The Luxurious Trans Siberian Railway: A Rail Journey of a Lifetime

If you ever have the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime journey across Russia, Mongolia, and China aboard a luxurious first-class train, grab it! Mostly opting for spring and summer departure dates, these fortunate travellers enjoy an unforgettable experience on the legendary Trans Siberian Railway, the longest and most fabled railway in the world! (Note: Technically, […]