10 Ways Volcanoes are Cool in Iceland

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10 Ways Volcanoes are Cool in Iceland

Iceland is famous for its volcanoes and the country continues to see hot volcano action with an ongoing fissure eruption at the Holuhraun lava-field, north of Vatnajökull Glacier. Icelanders, however, have learned to harness the power of their fiery friends. Here are 10 pretty amazing things that you might see on your next Iceland tour:

Volcanoes up close on your Iceland tours

1. Create breathtaking lava tubes and ice caves for exploring

2. Provide clean, renewable geothermal energy to heat homes and businesses
(Iceland’s electricity is produced almost entirely from renewable energy sources: hydroelectric at 70%, and geothermal at 30%)

3. Provide geothermal heating for outdoor pools and spas

Enjoy an aerial view of a volcano on your Iceland tour. 4. Heat greenhouses that grow organic hothouse tomatoes and many varieties of produce

5. Heat the ground for geothermal bread-baking

6. Create exciting exploding geysers like Strokkur

7. Form unique lava formations at Lake Myvatn

8. Produce the stunning black sand beaches that you can see at Vik

9. Make awesome volcano magma chambers for climbing INSIDE (Thrihnukagigur Volcano is the only place on earth where you can enter a magma chamber)

10. Allow for an awesome Volcano Flightseeing Tour!

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