Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Landscapes

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Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Landscapes

Globetrotter and film-maker Kelley Ferro helped us produce a video on Australia’s incredible Northern Territory. Each of her video’s had a theme, but before she even arrived, she planned on one entire episode focusing on the landscapes, surroundings and natural environment of the area. First off, being a desert-like terrain, the night sky, sunsets and sunrises were absolutely phenomenal. The region is considered one of the best ‘star-gazing’ locations, and is also home the worlds largest telescope.

Stars and sun aside, one epic highlight of any trip to the ‘red centre’ (as its often called by locals) is a visit to Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock. Renamed in respect of the traditional owners of the land, it’s not only the worlds largest and most recognized rock, it’s a sacred and holy site to the indigenous tribes in the area. An enormous section of ‘the rock’ is off limits to foreigners, including photographs from afar. There’s effort to discourage travellers from climbing the rock – once commonplace. But embracing the aboriginal point of view can only enhance your time here.

The Australian Aboriginals had an interesting way of perceiving constellations – not as shapes made up of  linking bright stars, but shapes existing in only the black space, the darkness, between stars…We suggest treating Uluru the same – try and look past the obvious and discover real Australian culture take shape, hidden alongside one of its stars: Uluru.

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