Flying Saucer?  No way…it’s a Tourism New Zealand dronie

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New Zealand flying drones

Any globetrotter planning a visit to New Zealand in the near future should keep an eye on the sky and lookout for a pretty cool way of taking a ‘selfie’… with  NZ Dronies!   This is an innovative new trend where selfies are shot using flying drones to create personal videos – will be hitting New Zealand’s mountain ranges this winter (the North American Summer – right now!). Tourism New Zealand’s drone begins by recording a close up portrait of the subject, then quickly pans out while flying up and away to show New Zealand’s breathtaking scenery, creating a short film about eight seconds long.    The resulting video can then be shared with friends on all social channels via #NZdronie.

The NZdronie will be travelling around key South Island destinations during July and August, hitting the ski slopes of Coronet Peak, Cardrona, Mount Hutt and Mount Cook ski areas. NZdronie will be available in both Queenstown and Lake Tekapo.  General manager of Tourism New Zealand in Australia, Tony Saunders said the drones will “add another dimension to the way people share their holiday memories”.

“New Zealand’s scenery is unparalleled so we wanted to give visitors the opportunity to show their spectacular surrounding to friends via social media, blowing a traditional selfie out of the water.

“If a picture says a thousand words imagine what a dronie can do.”

More information about where NZdronies can be found and a videos of them in action are available on the 100% Pure New Zealand Facebook ( and Instagram (, or Youtube pages, or check this promotion out below: