Suggested Viewing: The Galapagos Affair – Satan came to Eden

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Suggested Viewing: The Galapagos Affair – Satan came to Eden

Often referred to as the modern day Garden of Eden – at least by the Latin experts at Goway – this recently released film gives a totally new twist on the Galapagos Islands.

In 1929 Friedrich Ritter and Dore Strauch left Germany for the Galapagos for a “new start” to their lives – long before the Islands were a hub of tourism activity. Soon afterwards, another German couple, the Wittmers, settled on the islands, and soon thereafter followed “The Baroness” with her two lovers. Surprisingly, or not, on a set of Islands spread across the Pacific with almost no other humans nearby, this mix of neighbours were soon at each others’ throats.

Without giving away the story, a few of these eclectic islanders went missing or disappeared under very mysterious circumstances. This film is their story and one that presents a very different look at what see today, one of the world’s most popular and beautiful travel destinations.

Here’s a great analysis of it here, or see the trailer below
The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden, and then to the Movies