Cute Aussie Animal Videos

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Cute Koala

These aren’t necessarily breaking news, but we’ve collected a couple short videos that are out there on Australia. Some are funny, some touching, all entertaining.

We’ve seen this go around for years, but the first one never gets old. Every visitor to Australia wants to see a kangaroo. For the most part Kangaroo’s are harmless, but they are wild animals and you just never know what is on their mind.

Get ready! This one is just too cute, with two tiny baby kangaroos hopping behind a jogger and confusing a dog, before jumping (literally!) into the ocean to cool off.

Here’s a video of a young (wild) Koala receiving a drink from someone during a heatwave. We really don’t support feeding wild animals, but a thirsty koala during a heatwave who’s willing to cuddle is probably about as good as an excuse as someone ever needs!

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