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Upgrade Your Adventure with a Goway Luxury Vacation

February, 2019

Drawing on almost 50 years of experience as one of North America’s leading travel companies, Gowayunderstands that discerning travellers expect the best accommodations, most knowledgeable guides, and most authentic experiences when travelling across the world. But even more than that, Goway understands luxury travellers’ desire for adventure when seeing the world. That’s why Goway’s destination experts provide Globetrotters with the world’s best adventures while ensuring all the comforts of luxury travel along the way.

Luxury vacations with Goway Travel take travellers across the world. Our small-ship boutique cruises whisk passengers down some of the world’s most famous rivers while our 5-star island stays take travellers to idyllic island paradises. Our award-winning train journeys transport travellers back to the Golden Age of Travel while venturing across the Australian Outback or through the jungles of Southeast Asia. And don’t forget all manner of luxury hotels in Europe’s capitals, as well as pristine game lodges in Africa’s most famous parks.

But Goway also delivers some of the world’s best adventures to Globetrotters wanting to experience the great outdoors in comfort and style. Travellers can satisfy their inner adventurer while enjoying world-class luxury with a hike along the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or stays at luxury lodges in the breathtaking wilds of the Atacama Desert and Patagonia. Goway takes travellers across the glaciers and volcanoes of Iceland while staying in world-class hotels and even has an epic journey to Antarctica aboard a luxury ice vessel. As well, our destination experts understand that Globetrotters travel the way they want. Not only will they deliver an upcoming dream adventure to Patagonia or the Serengeti, but they’ll ensure you live a life rich in travel long into the future.

“With Goway, options for the luxury traveller abound,” says Don Forster, Product Manager for Goway Central & South America. “You’ll find boutique hotels in capital cities, luxury lodges in the Amazon or the Serengeti, or high-end, all-inclusive options in everywhere from South Africa to Easter Island. Travellers can enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences like sleeping in a hanging pod from the side of an Andean mountain in the Sacred Valley of the Incas or overnighting in private domed luxury tents on the largest salt lake in the world in Bolivia. Couple all this with VIP access to airport lounges, luxury vehicles for transfers and transportation, and private dining experiences, and luxury travel with Goway should be a no-brainer.”

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