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The Perks of Off-season Travel with Goway

November, 2018

Europe has always been a hot destination with North Americans, and it’s only getting more popular, with more flight routes being added to European destinations year-round.


“We are seeing the traditional season for Europe stretching longer and longer with each passing year,” says Craig Canvin, Goway’s VP Europe. “This stretching of high season impacts the shoulder season and when you would traditionally find an incredible deal. This is not a negative, it just means the European market is thriving and more tours are running all year around.”


Big ticket sights like the Louvre and Colosseum are easier to enjoy once the high-season masses have gone. Europe has also seen some of their hottest summers recently, while weather in the spring and winter remains comfortable enough for walking around, another big ticket in the ‘off-season’s favour.


“May and September remain extremely popular, so we recommend trying April and March,” Canvin says. “There are still great deals to be had in those months before the traditional busy season kicks in. Plus, in places like Ireland and the UK can’t guarantee warm and sunny weather no matter what month, so enjoy the sights as you mix with locals.”


Goway is offering numerous trips for the winter and spring as they delve further into the Europe. Check out to look at some of the options for long stays, skiing, and other winter-friendly itineraries.

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