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Make More of Family Travel with Goway

March, 2019

Don’t settle for the same old when planning a family vacation. Why head to any old beach when you can head to the beach in Thailand? Why settle for pizza at the ballgame when you can have pizza in Rome or Florence? Think outside the box and make more of your next family vacation with Goway Travel.

Goway’s family vacations are not limited to one kind of destination or trip style. Family travellers can spend 8 days on the beaches of Thailand, exploring the wonders of Phuket while letting the kids frolic in the sun and discover hidden coves and flex their Muay Thai moves. They can also just as easily explore the east coast of Australia, starting in Sydney before working their way to the Gold Coast, where a visit to Australia Zoo, founded by the Crocodile Hunter himself, offers the perfect chance for kids to feed kangaroos and cuddle a koala.

Families of nature lovers have plenty of options to consider with Goway. If they want to stay closer to home, they can head on a family fun adventure in Costa Rica, where they can enjoy a thrilling combination of rainforests, beaches, and adorable animals like sloths at a great price. Further afield, travellers can head on a family vacation to East Africa to stand in awe of Mt. Kilimanjaro and witness the migrating wildebeest herds of the Serengeti and Masai Mara. And let’s not forget Europe, which has nearly endless experiences for families to enjoy together. For instance, a self-drive journey through Switzerland lets families experience the Alps together and visit the home of the popular Swiss children’s character, Heidi.

“An international trip is a great way for families to bond while participating in unique activities and learning about new cultures, wildlife, and environments along the way,” says Carrie Bell, Product Manager for Goway Africa. “In particular, a family vacation to Africa offers family travellers a wide range of activities and sightseeing styles, from safaris to city stays to beach escapes and even visits to local villages and schools. Parents can cross items off the bucket list while kids get the unforgettable experience of seeing lions and elephants in the wild.”

Family travel with Goway offers dream vacations for travellers of all ages. For more information on family travel with Goway or to discuss any other travel ideas, please call 1-800-387-8850, email [email protected], or visit

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