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April, 2019

Goway Travel offers experiences for all kinds of travellers at all stages of life. The ones who return again and again however, are Goway’s Globetrotters, people who’ve chosen a life of travel, and are looking to broaden their horizons with each trip.

It’s this approach that’s seen the company’s UK & Europe division grow exponentially in just a few short years. Europe offers journeys to suit travellers at every stage of life, from backpacking through the must-see cities, to a deluxe cruise along its famed waterways, there’s a Goway Europe trip to suit every age and travel interest.

For young travellers, Goway’s fast-paced, high energy trips for 18 to 30-somethings offer a way to experience the best of Europe with a relatively small group while leaving the planning to someone else. Multi-country itineraries operate on a round-trip from London, including the Grand European, for those who want a taste of (almost) everything. Of course, some countries deserve special focus. The Bravo Italia invites youthful Globetrotters to find their own dolce vita on a round-trip from Rome.

Europe is ideal for small group and coach tour itineraries, so Goway has plenty of options available for travellers of any age. For those who like to get out and explore on their own, the company’s self-drive options, as well as its Go as You Please range, open up dream independent destinations like Germany, Ireland, Portugal, and the UK. These destinations are also ideal for private touring, for Globetrotters seeking a more personalised experience. It’s not all about cities or cultural tourism either. Outdoor types can experience diverse destinations like Croatia and Scandinavia on a wide range of hiking, biking, and sailing options.

When it comes to Europe’s famous rivers, Goway’s cruise options are designed to open up the more colourful and authentic side of local life. Passengers are invited to explore beyond the tourist ports and enjoy local experiences, sights, and flavours. In many cases, onboard facilities, meals, and amenities are chosen to enhance this immersion, ensuring each vessel is much more than simply a floating hotel.

Planning a vacation with something for the whole family can be daunting, but in Europe, it doesn’t have to be. Cultural treasure troves like the UK, Ireland, and Italy are just as much fun for kids to explore as they are for adults, and Goway’s family-focused itineraries ensure an unforgettable Europe vacation, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth.

Since 1970, Goway has been providing unforgettable travel experiences to Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Central & South America, Idyllic Island destinations and Europe. Today Goway is recognized as one of North America’s leading travel companies for individuals, families and groups to select exotic destinations around the globe. Goway has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Manila, and Sydney, Australia.

For reservations and information, visit, or call 1-800-387-8850.

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