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Your European Adventure Awaits

October, 2018

For over 48 years, Goway Travel has crafted unforgettable travel experiences to some of the world’s most exotic and interesting destinations. These include luxury “Stay of Distinction” packages for truly distinct experiences, “Classic City Breaks” featuring top urban highlights, and “Long Stay” programs where travellers can live like a local. For the globetrotter who wants a more active and adventurous vacation and is looking for something different than the usual run-of-the-mill getaways, Goway also provides all the ingredients for an exciting vacation, from rock climbing to scuba diving, cycling, trekking, rafting, sailing, camping, and hiking. Goway offers you a number of travel ideas that include all these activities and many more. Our adventure trips aren’t just for the young; they’re perfect for anyone who is healthy, energetic, or young at heart. The possibilities on this type of vacation are almost limitless.


In Europe, you can find it all: culture, food, and adventure. You can embark on an eco-friendly grand tour of Switzerland in your very own Tesla or ride the rails and cable cars to experience the best of this alpine nation. You can explore the wonders of Tuscany by bike, boat, and foot, or hike through the gorgeous and remote Danish settlements of the Faroe Islands. Journey into the enchanting ice caves of Iceland, trek across the wilderness of the Isle of Skye, or take advantage of the Swiss Alps on a skiing journey through Switzerland.


You’ll also find cruise lines like AMA, which offer a complimentary fleet of bikes and helmets to help cover more ground while exploring cities ashore. Plus, in many destinations throughout Europe, guests can join guided hikes and biking excursions through grand cities and vineyards, along scenic riverfronts, and up to hilltop castles and fortresses. This winter, Goway offers a Magical Christmas Markets River Cruise that showcases the winter wonders of Austria and Germany. And keep your eyes peeled for upcoming sailing adventures along the Danube, Rhine, Douro, and Seine, which will surely be big hits for all adventures at heart.

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