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Coming June 2019: No Visa Required to Visit Brazil

March, 2019

Whether clients are planning to samba the night away or marvel at Iguassu Falls, Brazil is South America’s largest country and home to many spectacular sights and sounds.

A political tool that often becomes a game of ‘tit for tat’ between countries, visas catch Globetrotters up in their wake, becoming an added cost and hassle to travellers. The procedures to obtain some visas can even dissuade Globetrotters from travelling to that country. One such country was Brazil, was being the operative word. As of June 17, travellers holding passports from Canada, the US, Australia, and Japan will no longer need a visa to enter Brazil.

From mid-2019, crossing the border in Iguassu Falls from Argentina for a day visit to the Brazil side, visiting the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, the natural playground of the Pantanal or journeying to the heart of the Amazon will be simple and hassle free for your clients.


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