Goway’s Safety Net Ensures Globetrotters Peace of Mind

Goway Travel has for years exclusively offered its South America-bound travellers an added safety net in the form of Local Travel Assistance. This service includes a wide range of in country assistance, including local coverage of:

  • 2 medical house calls with an English-speaking doctor at your hotel
  • Emergency hospitalization
  • Medical consultations via videocall 24/7
  • Prescription medicine
  • Medical transportation within Peru
  • Emergency dental care

All this is included in any Goway booking lasting 5 days or more, to any of 6 designated South American countries. In the wake of Covid-19, Goway has updated and improved our Local Travel Assistance program by increasing its coverage.

  • Non-deductable coverage is now US$4000 per person, up from US$2000
  • Prescription medicine value has gone from US$200 per person to US$400
  • Coverage of medical transportation within Peru has risen from US$700 per person to US$1800
  • Emergency dental coverage has risen from US$100 per person to US$200

Most importantly, this local coverage will include any Covid-19 related illness.

All the above is included in any booking that incorporates 5 or more days travel in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. It incurs no additional cost.

In light of the current travel climate, Goway is offering any bookings made to the above countries in 2020 an automatic upgrade of the Travel Assistance program to Platinum level. This increases local assistance services coverage to US$60,000, including coverage for Covid-19 related illness, and more. This offer applies to bookings made in 2020, regardless of eventual departure date. Goway has also introduced special terms and conditions to offer flexibility and peace of mind to travellers with bookings impacted by Covid-19.

Goway’s Local Travel Assistance is not intended nor presented as full travel insurance or as an alternative to traditional travel insurance. Goway recommends full travel insurance to cover a range of travel eventualities. Goway’s Local Travel Assistance is designed to supplement such insurance while travelling in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru.

While it is still difficult to predict what the travel landscape may look like once international travel resumes, the health and safety of travellers and locals will require more attention than ever. Goway is committed to meeting that challenge, ensuring its Globetrotters enjoy a safer and more rewarding way to see our world.

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