Get to Know Goway: Central & South America Destination Specialist – Maria Kozachuk

We are the world travel experts and have the team to back that up!

Many of Goway’s Central & South America destination specialists have lived in either Central or South America. In fact, many were born there. As well, everyone has travelled extensively in the region and continues to do so. This experience, along with Goway’s in-depth, ongoing training program, makes them the leading experts in tailor-making travel experiences to suit your individual client’s needs.

Goway offers over 600 unforgettable journeys to every country in the region—from Mexico to the bottom tip of Argentina—plus an endless choice of tailor-made travel ideas based on your client’s budget, availability and time, and, most importantly, imagination. No one else offers the depth of knowledge for Central & South America that Goway and its team of destination specialists do.

Maestro, from the Italian, means “master,” “teacher,” or “specialist,” and Goway is full of them! To help you get to know the personality and expertise of our destination specialists, we’ve put together introductions on each member of our team. Today, get to know Maria Kozachuk!

Where were you born?

I was born in Ukraine.

Where in Central & South America have you travelled?

I have travelled to Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina.

How long have you worked at Goway?

I’ve worked here for four years.

Plaza de Armas, Cusco

What’s your favourite destination in Central & South America and why?

Cusco in Peru. I think of it as the Rome of South America. There are ruins at every turn, delicious culinary offerings at numerous restaurants and street vendors, and you can find yourself wandering for hours and still discovering new and interesting things about the city. Plus, it was the capital of the Inca Empire.

What’s the most-requested destination by your clients?

It has to be Machu Picchu in Peru.

What’s your favourite Latin Food?

An Ecuadorian fried cheese empanada with coffee for breakfast. I married an Ecuadorian and so this is a favourite. I also love Peruvian trout ceviche for lunch, Argentine steak for dinner—the list can go on forever! I believe food is one of the best ways to explore local culture and traditions and Central and South America abounds in culinary offerings.

Photo Opportunities Abound in Antarctica

What are your tips for selling Central & South America or the Polar Regions or a particular country?

The best advice to successful sell any destination is to ask clients as many questions as possible to meet their expectations, yet to also educate them about the fact that being flexible will most likely guarantee a better experience. For instance, if clients would like to visit the famous Galapagos Islands, but have only a modest budget, it does not mean clients will need to abandon the idea of the small-ship cruise that they have dreamt about. However, it does mean they need to be flexible with dates so our expert can find a special promotion or 2-for-1 deal that will allow them to accomplish their dream of visiting the islands without sacrificing the comfort they wish to have.

To learn more about Maria, visit her staff profile or call her on extension 5953.

Ask about Goway’s three-way conference calls with your dedicated destination specialist. Have your expert on the line with you and your client to assist with those detailed questions. In fact, when this service is used Goway closes the sale 90% of the time. It’s like having your own personal Goway “wingman” to help close the deal!

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