Experience Antarctica Solar Eclipse 2021 with Goway Travel & Bob Berman

Goway passengers will soon have the chance to witness a once in a generation event on an unforgettable journey to Antarctica. The Antarctica Solar Eclipse 2021 invites your stargazing travellers to join an expedition crew and venture to Antarctica in time to see the total solar eclipse in December with noted astronomer Bob Berman as their private guide.


Special Guest Guide and “Astronomer in Residence” – Bob Berman

Goway passengers will join Bob as their special guest ‘astronomer in residence’ on this once in a lifetime journey. Coinciding with 2021’s total solar eclipse in Antarctica, this Antarctica voyage will be the perfect opportunity to take in the overwhelming enormity of Antarctica, from towering icebergs to mammoth glaciers and ice-covered mountains.

Bob Berman is one of the best-known and most widely-read astronomers in the world. He is perhaps uniquely able to translate complex scientific concepts into everyday language, without losing the interest of the already initiated. His dry, edgy wit engages readers of such diverse publications as Discover Magazine, Astronomy Magazine, and The Old Farmers Almanac. He is the author of eight books, and is the astronomer for SLOOH, the community observatory. Passengers who book with Goway will also receive a signed copy of Bob’s book, The Sun’s Heartbeat.

This 20-day Antarctic vacation takes in the Antarctic Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands, South Georgia Island, and the Falklands in time to experience a solar eclipse, which only occurs every 20 years or so at the South Pole. It features first-class accommodations aboard an ice cruiser, shared tours, and is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for adventurers and amateur astronomers alike.

Passengers who book by January 30, 2020 will save US $2,899 / CA $3,915 on this unique voyage, plus an EXTRA 10% if they pay in full by 15 June 2020. In addition to the company’s regular incentives, agents making any Goway booking by 31 March 2020 will go in the draw to win a gold bar to commemorate Goway Travel’s 50th anniversary.

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