5 Top Reasons to Book a River Cruise in Asia

When people think of river cruising, they often think of the renowned rivers of Europe. While those cruises are classics, river cruising in Asia shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are some of the top reasons why you might consider suggesting river cruising in Asia to your next clients looking for a waterway adventure.

1) River cruising can take you to areas that aren’t accessible by road

While everybody talks about getting off that cliched “beaten path,” the truth is, unless you travel by river boat to places where paths don’t exist, its all just hyperbole. River cruising is the best way for clients to access those incredible, but remote locations. Outstanding sights and enchanting local communities quite literally beyond the reach of the beaten path. River cruising offers the opportunity to explore the best in local community life. Also, because the river boats have limited capacity, fewer passengers means your visit will never overwhelm the village, or disrupt its natural flow the way larger cruise ship visits can.

Bruce Hodge, Goway founder, making new friends in the shoreline villages

2) All-inclusive pricing

What’s a good budget for a river cruise? That’s a ‘How long is a piece of thread?’ question. We’ve all been asked by our clients what we think they should bring to cover incidentals for travel. With regular FIT bookings, it’s of course tough to estimate. How much will they eat? How much will they drink? What do they consider to be essentials? What will be the cost for the bribe to get out of prison? I’m only partially kidding on that last one, but with river cruising, most items are included in the upfront cost. Destination matters too, but because the boat goes to remote places, there’s not going to be a lot of opportunity to pick up Louis Vitton handbags etc.

Enjoy small group dining on board the ship

3) Clients can save up to $1300 per person until September 30

While we’re talking about cost, Goway is offering an amazing special on cruising the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, and the Mekong River travelling between Saigon, Vietnam and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Until Sept 30th, passengers can take advantage of savings up to $1300 per person on select departures. That’s $2600 per couple. I know…simple math but when you put it that way, $2600 can buy a lot of souvenirs, if your client can only find a place to pack them. This deal, however, is based on availability. The river boats only carry between 36 to 60 pax depending on the vessel and expedition chosen, so even as I write this, departures are selling out quickly.

4) The enjoyment of a group experience

There’s a good chance your clients have been your clients for years. When it comes to couples, we’re sure they’ve gone on many trips together. They love each other immensely, but let’s be honest. After 10+ years of marriage, when you’ve heard just about every story your partner has ever recited… you might just want to meet some new people. Goway’s cruises are sold worldwide so travellers are likely to make friends with similar minded folk from hundreds of degrees of longitude away. A great way to mingle with travellers from different backgrounds, and possibly a fresh, willing audience for some of those old stories!

Relaxing with new friends with a game of scrabble

5) The classic…not having to pack and unpack

For fear of stating the obvious, I’d be remiss if this reason didn’t make the top 5. I love travelling, but hate living out of a suitcase, and I know I’m not the only one. That one thing I can’t wait to wear is always crumpled up at the bottom of my bag and only located after several minutes of cursing and once found, typically in desperate need of an iron! Don’t get me wrong. I can’t remember the last time I asked the hotel concierge to borrow an iron, but my point is, you still want to look sharp when travelling. If you are always packing and unpacking, the likelihood of you looking like you’ve just appeared out of a J. Crew catalogue can be pretty slim.

The classic…not having to pack and unpack

And one more…

So important that it bears repeating. Book Classic Mekong or Mandalay to Bagan Expedition inclusive of international airfare and save your clients a ton of money. Prices start at as low as 2379 USD / 3099 CAD for the Classic Mekong and 2789 USD / 3299 CAD for the Mandalay to Bagan Expedition, per person based on twin sharing.

R.V. Tonle Pandaw used on the Classic Mekong

With pricing like that, it would almost be unthinkable not to float the offer of a river cruise in Asia to your best clients. Give us a call at 800 387 8850 to secure space today.


Post written by Diane Molzan, General Manager, Asia by Goway

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