Globetrotting eZine Quiz – March 2014

Test Your Globetrotting Knowledge

* The water clarity of the Great Barrier Reef is at its best in February/March. True or false?

* To escape their so-called winter in Melbourne and other parts of southern Australia where do these Aussies flock to?
* Where would you find the beautiful coral reef encircled island of Bora Bora?

* What is the name of the main international airport for Fiji?
* Etosha, one of Africa\'s most famous National Parks, is found in what country?

* Most private game lodges in South Africa are in or adjacent to what famous park?
* What is the most furthest island from any populated land in the world?
* Angel Falls, the world’s highest, is found in what country?

* This beautiful beach resort in India was once a Portuguese colony and in the 60\'s a "hippy" haven. What is its name?
* Where is Halong Bay?

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  1. Linda Maynard says:

    Love your informative mail! Lots of great information! Hope to book a trip in the future! Thanks! Linda

  2. Joanna Fraser says:

    I got 100% right on the eZine Quiz – I think I deserve a door prize!

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