Back-Roads Barge Cruise - MS Jeanine, Burgundy, France

Unique Views and An Unforgettable Journey on Your France Vacation

The canals of France provide idyllic cruising routes through countryside that is culture-rich and captivating. Designed for the traveller looking for something different on their France vacation, a barge holiday with Back-Roads Touring allows you to take a unique journey of discovery at the gentle pace of your hotel barge. If you are hankering to […]

Nyhavn Canal at sunset, Copenhagen, Denmark

First Stop on Your Denmark Vacation… Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

“Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen…” As this popular song from the film, Hans Christian Andersen, starts, you will definitely find Copenhagen to be wonderful and also well worth spending time in on your Denmark vacation.  On any visit to Copenhagen, I am reminded somewhat of Amsterdam. It could be the canals, the bicycles, the world-famous beers. However, […]