Young Woman in Taiwan Market

6 Must-See Street Markets in Hong Kong and Taiwan to Explore on Your Asia Vacation

Hong Kong and Taipei markets are an absolute must on any visit to these iconic Asian cities. Street markets remain an everyday part of life in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and locals still use them to buy everything from fresh produce to t-shirts and electronics. Whether it’s your first time to Asia or you’re a […]

RECIPE: Braised Pork on Rice

This Taiwanese meat dish is best served with rice. Just add some cooked greens and Japanese radish pickle, and you have a complete, protein-filled meal. Ingredients: 1kg pork Half bowl soy sauce, quarter bowl dark soy sauce, Large piece rock sugar Half bowl dried onion 2 star anise 2 tablespoons dried garlic 2 tablespoons dried […]

Tasting Taiwan

Tasting Taiwan

Food can be such an important part of travelling abroad. Before I worked for Goway, I once heard a tour leader say that you can almost mess up any part of a person’s travels but as long as you get the food right, you are golden. His words, not mine but there is probably a […]