Penguins in Antarctica

Four Reasons to Consider an Antarctica Vacation

The world is more connected than ever before. Thousands of international flights crisscross the globe daily, connecting Globetrotters with the destinations they’ve dreamed of visiting their entire lives. In the past 50 years, the idea of an unattainable destination has essentially disappeared. Save dangerous outliers like North Korea and Syria, the world is accessible and […]

Chewing Llama, South America

A Different Kind of Experience in South America

South America is the land of diverse landscapes, breathtaking wildlife, timeless cultural sites and electric festivals. Year after year, scores of happy travellers visit Machu Picchu, the Amazon jungle, Rio’s Carnival party, the Tikal ruins, and Antarctica. But what if you could visit these dream destinations AND experience something extraordinary while you’re there? Did you […]

‘Ice Capades’ on Film

Documenting one of the largest research stations in Antarctica, the film Antarctica – A Year on the Ice, offers an amazing look into this fascinating area of the world. Filmed in the Ross Island region, home to two of the biggest and most famous research stations – McMurdo and Scott Base, the documentary chronicles a […]

Antarctica’s Blood Waterfall – and how to get to the 7th Continent

Did you know that Antarctica is technically a desert? Antarctica is not only the coldest, driest (in terms of humidity and rainfall), and windiest continent, it’s home to the worlds largest desert! Deserts conjure images and ideas of remote, barren places. Waterfalls however are certainly not things you’d expect to find in a desert, let […]