Hamantaschen or Hamantashen Cookies for Jewish Festival of Purim

RECIPE: Hamantashen

Hamantashen are triangular-shaped cookies usually eaten during Purim, the most festive Jewish celebration of the year. Highly celebrated in Israel, Purim commemorates the saving of the Jews during the Persian Empire. Haman, counselor to Persian King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I), ordered the killing of all Jews, but Esther, wife of the king and a Jewish woman […]

The Secrets of Off-Peak Travel

Savvy travellers can beat the crowds and score big savings by scheduling their holidays during shoulder season or low season. During off-peak travel times, Globetrotters can see the world’s best spots when everyone else isn’t. Access to top attractions, fine hotels, and acclaimed restaurants is easier, travel fares are lower, and weather can be near-perfect. […]

Shakshuka - Breakfast Dish from Israel

RECIPE: Shakshuka

Yael Marom, one of Goway’s AfricaExperts, shares her recipe for a nutritious and hearty breakfast which she enjoyed as a child, living in her home country of Israel. “Nothing brings back memories like the smell or taste of particular foods. They strike a chord somewhere in your mind and suddenly you are transported back to […]