Bali: Where $2499 gets you 5-Star luxury

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Bali: Where $2499 gets you 5-Star luxury

Looking for a pristine strip of beach, a healthy dose of culture, and indulgent luxury at an affordable price? It’s not too good to be true, if you’re willing to spend extra time getting there. As a travel company sales-team manager, I’ve gotten pretty used to friends, neighbours, and occasionally total strangers asking me “where should I go on my next trip, which is exotic but something I can afford”. Well, of course unless I know how long someone wants to travel for, where they’ve been, what their interest’s are, budget, etc. – it’s a hard question to quickly answer. But I may have in fact found it: Bali.

Rice Terraces, Bali
Rice Terraces, Bali

Bali is a destination every globetrotter has heard about, and for good reason. It’s come along way since it was a remote backpackers haven full of surfers and bootleg-tape sellers that I recall, and the world’s finest hotels are here to stay. Bali has been slow to catch on in North America, but is a bona fide ‘celebration destination’ with travellers from around the world, and has seen a noticeable increase in the number of superb luxury hotels steadily setting up shop since the mid 2000’s.

Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, Bali
Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, Bali

The Four Seasons has not one, but two stunning resorts. The Fairmont has just announced two new properties. The Amandari, The Oberoi, The St Regis, The Grand Hyatt, the Intercontinental and the Pan Pacific have all invested in over the top Balinese luxury. If boutique properties are more your style, there are over 100 in Bali, all ready to cater to your every whim. That means a lot of competition, and excellent value for those seeking the ultimate romantic trip, complete with private plunge pools, deep soaker tubs, intimate villas, and butler service.

Balinese girl performs a welcome dance in Ubud
Balinese Dancer

While technically part of Indonesia, Bali is steeped in Hindu Culture with a seemingly never ending number of colourful celebrations, an extensive art scene with high end art galleries filled with one of a kind pieces created by skilled local artisans, and numerous world class spas, Bali has it all in one very compact island.

Bali is certainly a long haul from either North American coast and there are no direct flights – be prepared to spend about a day getting there in each direction – BUT you can enjoy a break from that flight in your choice of Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taiwan, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai or Kuala Lumpur, for little or no additional cost on the airfare. Most airlines now offer a premium economy service, bridging the cost and comfort gap between traditional economy and lay flat business class. A modest upgrade like this can make a long flight somewhat more comfortable.

We can guarantee if you are willing to invest a little extra time in getting there, you will quickly forget the flight and be in for the experience of a lifetime. To offer a quick comparison of similar hotels, a 7-night trip to Bora Bora at a 5-Star resort in private bungalow with plunge pool, runs $900 per person higher than a 7-night trip to Bali with the same. That’s with a starting price of $2499 for Bali and $3420 for Bora Bora.

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Sunrise over Terrace Rice Fields in Ubud, Bali

  • contessapv

    Been to Bali since I was 16, about 9 times as an adult. Every year for the last 7 years. OK here is the deal . The Amandari hotel sucks !!! too modern and horrible food, snooty and NOT why anyone would ever go to Bali , unless they were a rich bored person from Australia and the journey was a short 31/2 hr hop. Or my brother , who is married to a gold digger who thinks it makes her rich to stay there ( they did ) when she will never be rich in experiences that really make you rich. Last year we ( hubby and I) went for 2 months August- October….great swing season. 2014 we stayed 15 days in Sanur across from the beach near the Hyatt for $ 37. incl breakfast. In Ubud you can stay for $ 20 with breakfast and the HOMEstays are fabulous but we haven’t done them .We stayed next to the Saraswati Temple ,2 blocks from the palace and the art market for $ 70/ nite, AC, cable, fabulous gardens and one nite…in a great for $40 + breakfast brought to our room overlook a rice paddy. We stayed one year at Sri Bungalows which is on Monkey Forest Rd. mid way , in a room for 2 wks in 2013 and it was $ 100. incl breakfast. Fabulous room , 2 balconies modern bath and huge front balcony where they brought tea and coffee, refrig etc. We stayed in Bali 30 days in 2013. Then, we always end up in Seminyak… we stay on the beach . Fabulous . All the places have great atmosphere ! Great culture . We never said ” It’s Tuesday , so it must be Tokyo”. When you spend more money you often see less of the culture, when you spend less money you often see more of the culture and have a better time and eat better !!
    You did not say HOW long the trip was . But that is an important part of the article that you left out. By the way , I’ve been around the world in 93 days at 16 and been traveling ever since. I’m from Texas but live in Puerto Vallarta ,Mexico now , and am retired.

  • Ivelisse Zayas

    You just described my favorite get away style. We are planing our first trip to ASIA, don’t really know where to start! Would you mind sharing some recommendations for a first timer? My hubby is into local food and I love to explore the simple day to day of locals and Mother Nature. I’m from Puerto Rico and live in Scottsdale,AZ. Tourist spots are ok for the cultural spots but we love to explore the behind the scenes.

    • GlobetrottingGoway

      Hi Ivelisse
      We love Asia too – Bali in particular, we would recommend that you get up to the North Coast and have a couple of days near Lovina and Pemuteran to get a feel for rural Bali, the west coast out near Amed is also very untouristy. It is a must to get to Ubud and spend a few days wandering the local art galleries and doing day hikes through the area. If you are up to it, consider climbing Gunung Batur to watch the sun rise over Gunung Agung (Gunung means volcano) – a great way to justify your time in Balinese spa’s! I can put you in touch with one of our Asia Experts if you like and they can help you get started in planning your trip, just let us know.