Torres Del Paine Gets its Moment in the Sun

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Torres del Paine, located in Chilean Southern Patagonia spends much of its time in the dark winter nights and cold winds that blow off the Andes but in summer – our winter – the region springs to life with up to 16 hours of daylight and some of the world’s most spectacular scenery.

Torres del Paine Circuit MapThe region is so far removed from the normal Chilean destinations that to this day the area remains somewhat unexplored. Apart from Goway preaching the virtues of this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve (see our past article Patagonia – A Jurassic World) the creators of the BBC’s ground breaking nature show “Blue Planet” are heading down south to produce a 3 part series on Patagonia with a focus on Torres del Paine National Park.

Led by Chilean film maker and 4 time Emmy award winner, Christian Munoz Donoso, the series will highlight the diversity from coastal shores to interior forests, and from the many glaciers – most famous of which is the Moreno glacier – to the vast expanse of the pampas.

The crew will attempt to capture the grand scope of the region on film but the best way is to be there and see the vast panoramas with your own eyes.

Round Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego
Round Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego

Goway has many choices to visit southern Patagonia. The 8 day Patagonia Complete from $5580CA / $5265US offers the most complete itinerary covering both Chile and Argentina. Cruise options are also available with a 7 night Patagonia Fjord cruise – with the opportunity to land on Cape Horn – from $3560CA / $3360US. Then there is the 4 day stop over into Calafate, the gateway to the Moreno glacier from $430CA / $415US