Grootbos Voted As One of the Top Ten Eco-Lodges in Africa

Grootbos - accommodation-suite-deck, South AfricaGrootbos Private Nature Reserve has recently been voted as one of the best Eco-Lodges in Africa by writer, David Bristow and former safari operator owner, Collin Bell, in their recent book “Africa’s Finest”. The book is a guide to eco-lodging, listing only those places which are absolutely ‘green’.

Located only 2 hours from Cape Town, South Africa, nestled between the mountain and the sea, is where one will find Grootbos. It is a deluxe eco-paradise offering luxurious accommodation, eco-adventures, and whose core philosophy is one of conservation coupled with the upliftment of the local communities.

Grootbos - interior, South Africa Grootbos - accommodation garden-lodge-2-bedroom-suite, South Africa

For clients staying 3 nights or more at Grootbos, Goway offers the following package:

  • Transfers from Cape Town to Grootbos with a stop in Stony Point to experience the African penguins
  • Visit to the Township and Social Responsibility Tour
  • Complimentary White Shark Cage Diving Experience including return transfers from Grootbos to the harbour
  • Wine Tours including wine tasting at two wine estates
  • Visit to Elim and Cape Agulhas

This is over and above the standard inclusion of:

Grootbos - picnic-on-the-beach-by-walker-bay, South Africa Grootbos - Horseriding on beach, South Africa Grootbos - dolphins, South Africa

  • Welcome drinks served upon arrival
  • Fresh fruits daily in suite
  • Light lunch
  • 5-course dinner
  • Breakfast buffet with full English breakfast menu
  • Horse riding for non and experienced riders through the reserve
  • Guided walks including Fynbos nature tour and Milkwoods walks
  • Nature, marine and coastal drives and walks including the Walker Bay Nature Reserve, and De Kelder cliff walk
  • Klipgat Cave combined with seasonal land based whale watching during June – December
  • Bird watching

Grootbos Nature Reserve

Ultimate South Africa

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What’s On Your Asia Bucket List?

Female Photographer in Bagan, Myanmar at Sunrise_134373716We asked our in-house Asia Experts what was on their bucket list for travel to Asia. Here is what they listed as wanting to experience or have already experienced in some of the world’s most exotic destinations.

Kee Monastery in Spiti Valley, Ladakh, India is on the top of Diane Molzan, Asia’s General Manager’s bucket list. This Buddhist monastery is set on top a hill 4166 meters high.

Tim would like to give alms in the early morning to the monks of Luang Prabang, Thailand.

Armin says watching the closing ceremony of the Wagah Border, a demarcation line between India and Pakistan, is a must for her.

Traditional Mongolian Landscape. Herd of goats on lake bank _34791562

Traditional Mongolian landscape

Penny would love to stay in a Mongolian Ger with a family and really see what rural life in Mongolia is all about.

Nyssa wants to summit Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo.

Jamie loves the unknown and would like to explore more of the surrounding hills in Myanmar such as Kengtung and Sittwe.

Nicole, a true adventurer, wants to see Vietnam by motorbike – a truly unique way to see any destination.

Sunset River Bank on the Ganges Varanasi, India

Sunset on the river banks of the Ganges – Varanasi, India

Steve, our India expert, says the morning boat ride on the holy River Ganges in Varanasi was on the top of his list, and was grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this humbling city.

Leo wants to cruise through the mystic Halong Bay, Vietnam featuring dramatic islands that reach to the skies.

Karen, with her love for India, has her wanting to see the Aurangabad Caves, located in the Deccan Plateau.

Carolyn sees herself standing at the Everest Base Camp in Tibet, as the sunrises off the majestic Himalayan Mountains.

Traditional Mentawai tribe

Traditional Mentawai tribe

Maureen, who thought to compile this bucket list, wants to experience everything she’s read, and would like to add to it a trek into the middle of Siberut Island, off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, to stay with the Mentawai Tribe.

Our experts are the best at what they do, and will provide you everything you need to make you the expert in the eyes of your clients!

Below are some of the great comments we have received on our amazing experts.

Exceptional once again!
Always the best with Goway after 20 years

If I could pick 6 stars, then I would. I’ve been selling Goway (as a travel agent) for 20+ years and have to come to expect nothing but the best from the agents at Goway, even myself. I have used their services several times and have made good friends on various trips. I’m especially thankful for the great service of David Wong – Africa Specialist, Steve Perkins and Amelia Chee – Asia Specialists, Queenie and Amanda in the Australia New Zealand department. What has prompted my response is a very detailed Northern India package that Amelia was able to put together by very exacting clients, and all the wonderful experiences of traveling in 3rd world countries and how the Goway staff was always there for the people, through good and bad (thankfully not too much bad). I have several clients who have made multiple trips with Goway, and at all different budget levels, and they all travel with confidence that the goway team will be there always for them. A big thank you for the Goway staff. and I look forward to selling with them for another 20 years.

Bill Lange Multi-Travel Connection – Winter Park, Florida

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Some of Our Favourite Wildlife Encounters

When it comes to planning a vacation, wildlife experiences are some of the most sought after elements requested by travellers. With over 45 years of experience planning memorable vacations for North American travellers, we provide the best encounters throughout Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Zambia-Walking-SafariWalking Tall in Africa
Zambia remains true to its roots with little to no commercialism. This is the real Africa, with all of the charm, beauty, and occasional challenges! Zambia pioneered the walking safari, and the prolific game and unrivalled local guides mean that you are virtually guaranteed sightings of leopard, elephant, hippo, lion, and wild dog.

9 Day Zambia Walking Safari

Wild ChimpLions and Gorillas and Chimps, Oh My!
Uganda is increasing in popularity, and offers a rare opportunity to see the mountain gorillas – there are less than 700 remaining. With this 6 day tour, you’ll also spend time in Queen Elizabeth National Park – famous for its’ tree climbing lions and offers excellent game viewing for buffalo, elephants, kob, topi and other species of antelope.

4 Day Mountain Gorilla Encounter

9.-OrangutansHanging with the Locals
Sandakan, Borneo is famous for eco-tourism. Here you can see Orangutans at the Sepilok Sanctuary, famous green and Hawksbill turtles coming ashore to lay eggs at Turtle Islands Park, and the famous bizarre-looking Proboscis monkeys in Sukau. Makes a great add-on to a Kota Kinabalu stopover, or any Borneo/Malaysian itinerary.

5 Day Sandakan Wildlife Safari

Giant Panda's are surprisingly cooperative with photographers!Panda-monium!

The Panda Breeding Research Centre in Chengdu, China is where you can see the incredible pandas in captivity. These pandas are rare and only found in select provinces in China. If you’re lucky you can see an adorable baby!

4 Day Chengdu Pandas

Elephants bathing at Elephant HillsGiant of the Jungle

Combining the camp idea of African national parks with Thai tropical rain forest, travellers can interact with elephants, float down the river by jungle canoe and simply enjoy the incredible lush surroundings. Stay at Elephant Hills (Thailand’s first luxury jungle camp featuring 20 luxurious tents set in the largest area of rainforest in Southern Thailand).

3 Day Elephant Hills Jungle Safari Experience

falklands2Happy Feet!
Most of us imagine penguins to be polar creatures, much more at home in a world of ice and snow than on the sandy beaches and sheep paddocks of the Falklands. The Falkland Islands are one of the last untouched wildlife wonders of the World. Unspoiled beaches, islands and cliffs provide a natural safe-haven for hundreds of species. Five species of penguins breed regularly in the Falklands, two of which, the king and the gentoo, are resident all year round.

Falklands Wildlife and Battlefields

Giant Tortoise Galapagos_41223319Shell-abrate with the Tortoises
Looking for a unique vacation, perfect for a family trip, or a special celebration? The Galapagos Islands, limited by visitor numbers, offers an incredible experience to see wildlife in a natural setting – the best known is the Galapagos tortoise, which lives on seven of the islands, and has an average lifespan of more than 150 years. It’s also a great opportunity to educate the family on Darwin’s theory of evolution…

4, 5 & 8 Days Galapagos Cruise

Koala on a treeIs it a Bear… is it a Mammal… no, it’s a Marsupial!

Despite its name, Kangaroo Island is home to more than just Kangaroos. Just a short flight from South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide, the island is a wildlife haven. Walk amongst Sea Lions, watch little Penguins frolic in the surf , or spot koalas nestled in the trees (usually sleeping!)

1 Day Kangaroo Island in Style

Swimming with Sharks

These are the gentle giants of the Indian Ocean – the region is most famous for its whale sharks that feed there March to June, but the reef is also rich in coral and other marine life. During the winter months, the reef is part of the migratory routes for dolphins, dugongs, manta rays and humpback whales. Although massive, whale sharks are docile fish and younger whale sharks are actually quite gentle and can play with divers.

3 Day Ningaloo Reef

Great-Migration-Tanzania-Kenya-Masai-Mara-Serengeti-East-Africa-leopard-104164466Wild about Photography?
From June to March, travelers to East Africa can follow the annual migration – an incredible spectacle as wildebeest and other herbivores journey across the Serengeti. Over two million herbivores partake in this journey, including 200,000 zebra and 500,000 Thomson’s gazelle following the almost one-and-a-half million wildebeest!

7 Day Migration Safari

For more information on Goway’s wildlife encounters, request a copy of our signature travel planners at or call 800-387-8850.

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Which One to Choose? A Guide to Tahiti’s Islands

Back of Woman With Straw Hat in Yellow Raft in Turquoise Waters_35864338French Polynesia is home to 118 islands and atolls. The ingredients that make up these Tahitian islands are rugged mountains, coral reefs, white sand, palm-fringed lagoons, and lush carpeted green landscapes. Some travellers island hop between two or three islands, while other spend their vacation exploring one island in depth. Whatever the case, deciding which one(s) to visit can be overwhelming.

Here is Goway’s Tahitian Island Guide to help you and your clients choose the perfect locale for their vacation.

Tahiti - Romance in Bora BoraRomance: Bora Bora
For many, Bora Bora is the most beautiful island in the world and one of the most popular places to stay is in an overwater bungalow at one of the many luxury resorts. Here, visitors will discover a stunning pristine lagoon teeming with marine life, lush tropical valleys, white sand beaches, and beautiful Mount Otemanu painting the sky.

8-Day Tahiti Honeymoon With Bora Bora

Tahiti - ATV Tour in MooreaAdventure: Moorea
Moorea is a beautiful island offering stunning scenery with its pristine, secluded beaches and lush mountains and valleys. Adventure lovers can embark on an ATV tour, 4×4 jeep, kayaking excursions, dolphin and whale tours, jet ski, circle island tours, paddle board, and even go skydiving.

8-Day Moorea Vacation Including Air

Brando Tahiti - Private VillaIndulgence: Tetiaroa
The crown jewel of Tahiti resorts, the Brando, located on the private island of Tetiaroa, offers guests luxurious pampering, spectacular cuisine, and a love of authentic Polynesian culture, all within idyllic surroundings. The result is a Tahitian all-inclusive, fit for Hollywood royalty. As the name suggests, Tetiaroa was once privately owned by actor and film director, Marlon Brando.

The Brando, Tetiaroa

Tahiti - Diving at Kia Ora RangiroaDiving: Rangiroa
The beautiful lagoon at Rangiroa, the second largest in the world, is highly prized by divers from around the world because of the pass dives, visibility, and density of marine life. Here you can expect to see beautiful fish, dolphins, and reef sharks. Goway offers an 8-day diving vacation including airfare and accommodation at the Kia Ora resort, which hosts a TOPDIVE centre, ideal for a diving vacation or exotic honeymoon.

8-Day Diving Vacation in Rangiroa, Including Air

Tahiti - Aerial View Taha'aSerenity: Taha’a
The flower-shaped island of Taha’a offers a glimpse into the traditional, tranquil life of the Tahitians. It is an island of simple pleasures shrouded in the sweet fragrance of vanilla, all surrounding a spectacular lagoon to rival Bora Bora.

One of our top stays is Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa

Tahiti - Archipels Cruise Huahine DreamsOff the Beaten Bath: Huahine
Huahine is also known as the Garden Island due to its abundance of lush green tropical foliage and jungle-like scenery. It also offers lush forests, magnificent bays, and white sand beaches, and is home to many of French Polynesia’s most important archaeological sites. These islands, far less touristy than the major ones, remain authentically Polynesian and unchanged from the modern world.

4-Day Archipels Cruises (Huahine Dream)

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How to Develop a Unique and Fabulous Group Itinerary!

African Gamepark Safari GroupIn Goway’s GroupsOnly department, we are experts at customizing unique, innovative, and interactive itineraries for 10 or more passengers travelling together to our exotic destinations in the South Pacific, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

See our sample group tours by destination.

Mountain Biking GroupOur GroupsOnly coordinators are destination specialists that begin from the ground up to develop the best itinerary for your clients. The more information we have at the itinerary-planning stage – including your proposed selling price, special interests of the group, average age, and fitness level etc., the better it will help in creating an exciting and unique holiday, developed just for them.

We are committed to taking out of our itineraries as much of the old-style wording as possible; verbage such as “drive by”, “view from coach”, “on a tour we will see…”, etc. Our goal is to get the group out of the vehicle! Rather than just watch life go by from behind the coach windows, get out and experience all the senses full on.

Other examples abound on what we can include:

  1. Tired of the hotel’s buffet breakfast? How about letting your group sleep in and include a room service breakfast one morning
  2. Another dinner – another set menu. Meet the chef at a local market and help buy and prepare the evening’s dinner
  3. Is the local guide droning on about another ruin? Join the archaeology team and help dig up the artifact
  4. So you think you can dance? Swoon with your partner at a Tango lesson, or jive the night away at a Samba School
  5. Ever wonder exactly what is in that bottle? Stroll through the grape vines with the vintner and experience the wine from grape to glass
  6. Want to help but do not know how? Volunteer for a day in a local village, school, or orphanage

Elephant Riders Group, ThailandThe goal with any group itinerary is to make sure it is sellable in the marketplace. With Goway’s GroupsOnly expertise, the “Wow!” in every itinerary will help ensure your group gets filled every time.

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Goway and Australian Pacific Tours (APT) Extend Early Booking Bonus

APT Coach Passengers, New ZealandAPT 2015-16 Brochure CoverGoway is pleased to advise our valued agent partners that the Early Booking Bonus, launched earlier this year in conjunction with the Goway 2015/16 New Zealand and Australia Escorted Touring brochure, has been extended for sales until 30 April ‘15.

This great brochure features both Premier Luxury Escorted Vacations and Value Plus Escorted Vacations in Australia and New Zealand, plus Wilderness Adventures in Australia.

Highlights for the 15-16 season include:

  • A great range of Super Deals: Save up to $950 USD or $1050 CAD per couple by booking and paying a deposit by 30 April ‘15 or book and pay 12 months in advance and save 10%
  • Freedom of Choice Sightseeing: Clients can select from a choice of touring options at no extra cost
  • Freedom of Choice Dining: In select locations, your clients can choose from a range of great restaurants for dining options.
  • A choice of 8 Premier Escorted Vacations and 8 Value Plus Escorted Vacations
  • A choice of 2 Kimberley Wilderness Adventures

Plus, a Goway exclusive deal for those interested in travel to beautiful Western Australia: Goway will double the regular Early Booking Bonus on select Western Australian Escorted Vacations – call for details. This great deal must be booked by 30 June ’15 and is valid for select departures from August ’15 to March ’16.

To make a booking or request your APT brochure, visit Goway’s website at or call toll-free (888)469-2944.

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Indulge in a Floating Luxury Safari in Botswana

For clients who want to experience a unique and luxurious way to enjoy Chobe, Botswana in Africa, Goway recommends a cruise on board the Zambezi Queen. Guests can experience the thrill of an African safari from a private suite aboard a luxurious 45 meter boutique floating hotel. Situated on the great Chobe River this is unspoilt Africa at its best!

Victoria Falls at sunset

Victoria Falls at sunset

The Chobe River divides Botswana’s Chobe National Park from Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, while the banks boast one of the densest populations of wildlife on the continent. “This is a magnificent experience for the discerning traveller,” says Moira Smith, General Manager Goway’s AFRICAExperts. “It’s a perfect add-on to Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, as it’s only an hour’s drive away.”

Zambezi Queen River Safari - Cabin, Botswana Zambezi Queen River Safari - Bar Lounge, Botswana
The Zambezi Queen offers 5-star luxury, where the objective is to ensure all guests experience pampering, indulgence, and personalized comfort – all in the heart of African wilderness. The vessel offers ten suites and four master suites, all including en-suite, private balconies and fans, full length sliding shutters, sliding mosquito net doors, and the finest finishes. The ship has three levels, and includes an air-conditioned lounge, coupled with a small library.

The highest level is an entertainment deck featuring dining facilities, and open-plan lounge, and stylish bar. It also offers unobstructed views, and use of telescopes for exploring the African night-time sky. All areas are protected by mosquito screens, which allow for a comfortable and pleasant environment for relaxing and dining. Two outside areas on the top deck include a shaded area with seating, a plunge pool, and spot for sun bathing.

Water-based game viewing on smaller boats

Goway offers a two or three-night stay on the Zambezi Queen from $1127 USD/ $1382 CAD. This trip includes all meals prepared by talented chefs, drinks with meals and during game drives, water-based game viewing on smaller boats – enabling close-up viewing in an environment where the animals feel comfortable, land-based 4×4 game viewing in Botswana’s Chobe National Park, tiger fishing (seasonal), bird watching from smaller boats, and land-based cultural tours of local villages.

Below are some other extension ideas in the Victoria Falls and Chobe area:

Victoria Falls, Chobe, and Okavango Delta

Chobe Elephants and Victoria Falls

Chobe Elephants and Livingstone

Rovos Rail – Pretoria to Victoria Falls (or v.v.)

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The Brazil Road Show Recap

Brazil Road Show - Presentation Screen and BannerGoway Travel and Embratur, the Brazil Tourism Board, recently travelled coast to coast bringing a closer look at the unique and colourful world of Brazil to consumers and the North American travel trade.

With stops in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Victoria,  Goway’s Business Development Managers and Latin America management team spoke nightly to great, local crowds – not only about the top destinations and experiences in Brazil, but also about the range of Goway product offerings in this beautiful South American country.

Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

Being such a large and diverse country, with destinations such as the Amazon, coastal cities, and Iguassu Falls – one of the world’s largest waterfalls, Brazil features so many wonders, that presenting the vastness of South America’s largest country in under 2 hours was a daunting task. As such, presenters, Don Forster and Ben Stasiuk just touched the surface of all that Brazil has to offer.

Goway's Ben Stasiuk presenting

Goway’s Ben Stasiuk presenting

With the aid of great imagery and a couple of videos showcasing Brazil, Don and Ben presented a combination of information and facts about Brazil, and highlighted many top attractions and experiences. They also spoke of Goway’s Luxury Level itineraries, those best for discerning clients looking to experience these 5-star programs.

Also mentioned during the presentation was the expansion of Tam Airlines’ flight routes into Toronto, bringing improved connectivity from Canada to Brazil. In addition, take note that in conjunction with the Brazil Road Show, Goway’s preferred carrier to South America, the LATAM Airlines Group, is offering a 10% discount to anyone travelling to Brazil with Goway by the end of May.

With continued support from Embratur and LATAM Airlines Group, Goway’s Brazilian Road Show was deemed a big success by all!

For those who were unable to attend the events, Goway is offering a condensed version of the Brazil presentation during a Webinar on Tuesday, April 28, from 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT / 11:00am – 12:00pm PST. Please sign up here.

Brazil_Coop_Graphic - Its all hereWords from Judy Bunkall, BDM Western Canada
“Thanks so much to everyone who joined us – we had great turnouts in both Edmonton and Victoria, with very positive reviews from all those in attendance. Travel agents left at the end of the presentation armed with excellent information on selling Brazil; learning more about some parts of Brazil, with many not realizing what these areas have to offer. A perfect example of this was Pantanal.”

Words from Don Forster, Product and Marketing Manager
“It is always good to get back out on the road and meet our industry partners face to face and share our passion of South America, and in this case, one of my favourite Latin America destinations, Brazil. The support we received was once again, amazing, and it was a pleasure to have the LATAM Airlines Group with us, as was the ongoing support of the Brazilian Tourism Board.

Each event was full and it was a pleasure to pass on our years of experience, sales tips, and knowledge to an eager crowd wanting to learn and help boost their own knowledge and sales.”

Words from Aubrey Schmidt, BDM Eastern Canada 
“I had great feedback from the agents leaving our Halifax show – ‘informative’ being the operative word. As you know, we had a nice mix of agents, consumers, and students. I know all of us watching and listening learned something(s) new about Brazil as a vacation destination.”

Check out our article on Brazil:
Cool, Refreshing Taste of Brazil

LATAM Airlines LogoEmbratur Logo 2015






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Myanmar’s Road to Mandalay Cruise Now on Sale!

Experience the enchanting sights, scents, and sounds of Myanmar, as you enjoy the Belmond’s Road to Mandalay cruise. Sailing along the mighty Irrawaddy River, explore the rural villages that most cannot get to by land, take a horse-drawn cart to the ancient capital of Ava, and marvel at the golden spires of the pagodas which soar out of the lush jungle.

The Road to Mandalay is a small boutique-style ship with 43 cabins, and can access some of the most remote areas on the Irrawaddy, due to its size and mobility.

Luxury private cabin

Luxury private cabin

Life on board is not only relaxing, but also luxurious – assuring a wonderful journey. Each day features both shore excursions and onboard events, where one can learn about the special elements of Myanmar. From lectures by local and international experts, to getting into the kitchen and learning how to make a Burmese classic dish, the experience on board is a journey in itself. From sundowners on the teak deck to a therapeutic spa treatment, life on the Road to Mandalay is pure heaven!

While offering a real adventure experience, travellers are also cushioned with incredible comfort, enjoy fine dining, refreshing cocktails and choice wines, and treated with extraordinary levels of service.

EASTERN  ORIENT EXPRESS ROAD TO MANDALAY  SHOOTPrices start from just $1260USD/ $1638CAD per person for a 4 Day Mandalay to Bagan cruise on the Road to Mandalay ship.

Book the full 8 Day luxurious “Road to Mandalay” cruise  by May 30th, for travel after August 2015, and clients receive an additional 15% off. Agents also earn $50 per person on their Goway Rewards Card.

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Iceland: Nature’s Fire and Ice

Iceland-VolcanoIceland is rightly known as the land of fire and ice, but on a recent trip to this northern country, I learned it is also a land of natural wonders, amazing cuisine, and big smiles.

Iceland is becoming a popular stop en route to and from Europe, with Icelandair offering direct flights from many US and Canadian gateways*, with a free stopover in Iceland. But Iceland is also a destination that stands on its own merits for a stay anywhere from a long weekend to two weeks or more.

*Icelandair offers flights from Halifax, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Toronto, Edmonton, Anchorage, Denver, Orlando, Portland, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Seattle

Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, Iceland

Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, Iceland

Featuring amazing infrastructure along with English-speaking friendly locals, the country offers a wide variety of natural wonders and a rich Viking heritage. Some sites include the world-famous Blue Lagoon – with its claimed healing powers, and the very popular stopover option, the Golden Circle. The “Circle” takes you to the largest waterfall in Europe – Gulfoss Falls, the largest geyser – naturally located in Geyser National Park, and the world’s first and longest lasting parliament body at Thingvellir.

Diving between tectonic plates, Silfra

Diving between tectonic plates, Silfra

It is also at, or more to the point, in Thingvellir that you come across the area in which Iceland is slowly being pulled apart – where the European and North American tectonic plates slowly pull apart from each other. A very cool option (pun intended) is the chance to dive or snorkel in the glacial waters that are filling the gap between the two continents.

Check out our special that takes in these amazing sites!
Iceland – Volcanoes and Glaciers

Dining opportunities abound in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, from a hot dog (the most popular meal), to locally made burgers (there is no McDonalds in Iceland), to more traditional choices such as horse, Minke whale, and puffin, to the standard fare of simple but awesome fish ‘n’ chips!

Suggested idea for Reykjavik:
Reykjavik Stopover

Modern Icelanders

Modern Icelanders

Easily accessible, visitors can travel in Iceland with either coach tours, self drive itineraries, or something fully customized. Iceland affords a number of travel options, all with opportunities to meet the friendly, smiley, and infamously welcoming local Icelanders.


Suggested ideas include:
Mountain and Fjords Coach Tour
Iceland Express Self-Drive Summer

To see all of our travel ideas for Iceland, go to

Check out our Iceland special offer:
Book Select Iceland Vacations and Receive a Free Blue Lagoon Day Tour

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